We find some exciting weekend jobs in Cork for students

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Weekend jobs are a great way for students to make some extra cash or anybody else who may need the money to make ends meet. Cork is home to several college campuses and Cork University. Thousands of students in the area need to work part time to fund their studies. The aim of this guide is to inform you about some weekend jobs in Cork for students.

Finding these jobs can be tricky at the best of times. We suggest you take a look in a couple of local newspapers or listen out for bulletins on the radio advertising the latest positions. So what kind of weekend jobs in Cork could you apply for?


There are plenty of companies out there that need groups of students to promote a range of products at the weekends. You could be promoting everything from orange juice to make-up and anything else in between. Most promotion companies pay about €10 per hour for your work and you could expect to work about 5 hours per day. There are loads of available positions at jobs.ie.

Bars and clubs

Cork has a vibrant nightlife and the bars and clubs of Cork can be very busy during the weekends, requiring extra part time members of staff. Working in a nightclub could mean that you will be working until four or five o clock next morning. You need to be able to work well under pressure and also have a good manner with customers. Bar staff in Cork also earn about €10 per hour.

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