Weekend jobs with a difference!

Weekend jobs aren't all about retail and hospitality! To show you just how diverse they can be, we've rounded up this list of weekend jobs with a difference...

Zoo Assistant - Many zoos across the UK, including London Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo and Belfast Zoo, hire weekend staff to help them deal with the extra crowds. Don't get too excited - you won't be working too closely with the animals unless you're suitably qualified, but you will get to show VIPs around the site and lead backstage tour groups.

Lifeguard - Although many lifeguard roles are voluntary in nature, private lifeguards are paid. With hundreds of swimming pools and beach resorts throughout the UK, there is a high demand for professional lifeguards. And as these facilities tend to be at their busiest at the weekend, there are a good range of weekend jobs available for anyone who is suitably qualified.

Tour guide - Do you know your home town like the back of your hand? Why not get paid to show tourists around it? You don't necessarily need any qualifications - you just need to be enthusiastic about sharing your local knowledge. Part time and weekend staff supplement full timers during busy periods.

Work from home - One of the best things about working from home is that hours are usually completely flexible. This means that you can work at weekends, in the evenings, or whenever else you like. Vacancies exist in data entry, graphic design, digital consultancy, freelance writing, sales, customer service, travel and much more.


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