We take a look at some possible Hertfordshire work experience opportunities

Whether you're fresh out of school or are simply looking for a way in to a new job there are plenty of reasons for people to consider taking a look at a different career on a temporary basis in order to build the relevant work experience that can prove so essential when it comes to finding a different job down the line.

What many people don't realise is that every single job you do during your life will help you down the road. No matter how menial the job at hand seems, you'll learn skills and traits that will be transferable to your other, more lucrative jobs in the future.

Many employers like to see a variety of different kinds of job on your CV since it shows that you are flexible and willing to adapt to the ever changing workplace requirements. However it's important that you don't go overboard and have too many different jobs over a short space of time, because this shows that you may be unwilling to stick around when things get tough, or that you are an unreliable employee.

One of the best jobs for young people to do in preparation of their full time future career is retail work. Not only does this type of work build character and allow you to get a real feel for dealing with the public, but it enforces the importance of being a people person and encourages interaction with customers. For these reasons people who have retail experience often get the nod ahead of people who do not when it comes down to the crunch in picking staff.

The best places to find Hertfordshire work experience in the retail space are to be found at the various shopping centres in the region. In this case, bigger is definitely better, and we recommend that you focus on the shopping centres with the widest variety of stores to give yourself the best possible chance of finding work.

In particular we recommend taking a look at The Harlequin Shopping Centre in Watford, Westgate Shopping Centre in Stevenage and The Maltings Shopping Centre in St. Albans. You are unlikely to make much above minimum wage, £5.93, for your time, but these positions are all about the experience that you will gain in your time in them.


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