We take a look at receptionist Portsmouth Hampshire jobs

We all know what the job market is like these days. Things are incredibly tight when it comes to finding work, no matter what the sector or industry you have your sights set on. All the major job sites are seeing huge traffic and processing tens of thousands of job applications every single day, however there are ways to avoid all this in your search for receptionist receptionist Portsmouth Hampshire jobs, simply by showing a little initiative and some local knowledge.

Before you start applying for receptionist jobs in the Portsmouth area, we recommend that you first familiarise yourself with what's going to be required of you in order to be a success. Since it's a receptionist role, your primary concerns will be to answer the phone in a clear and well spoken manner, directing calls to the relevant people and greeting visitors to the office before directing them to the person they wish to speak to.

Obviously a good phone manner and great interpersonal skills are desirable in order to be a success in this role, but there are a number of secondary responsibilities that you will be required to perform too. These include typing memos, sending emails, booking meeting rooms and taxis for staff members, editing internal phone databases and ensuring that everything is running smoothly in the reception area.

You'll need to be comfortable using a computer, and knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of software would certainly be an asset. You can expect to make between £9.30 and £11.47 per hour starting out, but this may increase as you prove yourself to be capable.

If you tick all these boxes, then all that's left to do is start looking for jobs. We recommend you focus your attention on the major Portsmouth business hubs such as Solent Innovation Centre, Langstone Technology Park and Victory Business Centre since these areas have a high number of companies often looking to expand their ranks.

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