We take a look at jobs in the construction industry

We all know that the building industry, and everything associated with it, has suffered greatly in the recent economic downturn. It would seem however that the downed tools are ready to be picked up again and work is recommencing on building sites across the country as the construction industry starts to improve.

Builders, architects, site managers, carpenters, plumbers and bricklayers have all suffered as work has been suspended but sites are reopening and as a result, the Jobs Vacant section in this sector has suddenly sprung to life.

If you are looking for work in this industry, a first port of call could be the major recruitment agencies such as Hays and Reed, but you may find that a specialist agency could be more helpful. The Justconstruction and Jobsinconstruction websites are dedicated to jobs in the construction industry allowing you to search for any specific requirements that you may have.

It is also well worth scouring your local paper or contacting a building company that you know has work in progress in your area as they may well be looking for qualified workers.

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