We look for part time jobs in North East England

For many years the North East of England has been synonymous with industrial work. From mines to manufacturing plants, the region had grown a reputation for providing companies with a willing army of talented and dedicated operatives for their factories. However a couple of particularly bad recessions in the space of some thirty or forty years has left that reputation in tatters. Most of the companies who used to be active in the area have now either gone under, succumbing to the increased financial pressure of the modern era, or moved to greener pastures where they could find cheaper labour and lower production costs.

While this would have devastated many other areas, those in the North East are a hardy folk, and simply got on with things, building a brand new reputation for themselves, this time focussed around business and retail. Unfortunately the most recent recession has had a big effect on that too, and many people currently find themselves out of work and struggling to provide for their families.

There are options out there for anyone looking for part time jobs in North East England though - options which are flexible enough to allow them to continue searching for that elusive full time position that perfectly suits their needs and skills, while allowing them to make enough money to support their families in the mean time.

These positions may not be glamorous, but the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, The Co-Op and ASDA have proven themselves time and again to be among the best part time employers in the country. Not only do they offer competitive hourly rates starting between £5.05 and £6.90, but they also provide staff with the training they need to progress through the ranks and potentially build a promising career.

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