We look for Nottingham student jobs

Modern student life isn't all it's cracked up to be. While many people still believe that the majority of students spend their time dodging work, drinking and acting like social nuisances, the fact of the matter is the most students are too concerned with getting the top grades in their class and paying their way through college to worry about such silly behaviour.

Due to the fact that the economy has been on something of a downward dip for the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult for many students to find the part time student jobs they need in order to keep on top of their finances. Fortunately for those of you looking for Nottingham student jobs, there are some solutions available to your problems.

If you take a look at the retail sector in the Nottingham area, you'll see that there are a huge number of major stores and supermarkets to be found in the city. By focussing your attention on these stores, you should be able to find yourself a part time work with the hours that best suit you in order to make ends meet financially.

We recommend you spend the most time taking a look at the various supermarkets in the area due to the fact that they have longer, and more flexible, opening hours. The basic entry level wage for any part time supermarket job is £5.93 per hour, and the most common roles will see you working as a cashier or stacking shelves.

If you're not sure of the location of the most popular supermarkets in Nottingham, this list might help you out;

  • Sainsburys, Castle Bridge Road
  • Waitrose, 31 Milton Street
  • Budgens Stores, 45 Derby Road
  • Asda, Hyson Green, Radford Road
  • Tesco Metro, 93 Victoria Centre

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