We look at jobs in Bristol

Although the Port of Bristol is no longer the main economic centre of the city, imports of wine and spirits by Harveys and Averys still take an important role in the day to day workings of the port. Bristol’s economy is also heavily reliant on the aerospace industry, defence, the media, information technology, financial services and tourism.

For those looking for work in Bristol, it is important to know that the city offers a great quality of life. With beautiful countryside in easy reach, good road, rail and air links to other parts of Britain and Europe and a cosmopolitan way of life with the recently redeveloped city centre you can be sure of finding plenty to do.

If you are looking for work in Bristol, the first thing to do is register with one of the major recruitment agencies such as Adecco, Manpower and Reed. If it is part time or more local work that you are after you should perhaps try the local paper first or ask in local shops. There are also some Bristol-specific websites for those looking for jobs which may be worth taking a look at.

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