We find out how much the SIA licence costs

With all the regulation the security industry has undergone, it is now practically impossible to get yourself a job unless you have undergone extensive SIA Training. A lot of people think it can cost a pretty penny to do this training, but that isn't the case. In this blog we are going to show you the real story on SIA licence costs.

To get yourself an SIA Licence, you will have to undergo a couple of the available SIA modules that are available. These are as follows: Advance Physical Intervention and Handcuffing, National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders, CCTV Training, Door Supervisor Training, Emergency First Aid, Security Guard Training, and Level 3 Physical Intervention. The courses that you choose to undergo will be dependent on the type of job you want to take up.

One site is offering all of the above courses, and that site is the main one in the UK for getting your SIA Licence - Get Licensed at get-licensed.co.uk. At the moment, Get Licensed have a full slate of SIA courses for you to undertake, and they have helpfully included all of the prices that these courses cost too, so for all that information check out their site (which is at get-licensed.co.uk/courses/calander).

The actual SIA Licence costs £245 and can be applied for on the same site. It can however take up to six weeks to successfully get the licence, so make sure you leave plenty of time before applying for jobs.


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