We check out your options for UK government jobs

Are you living in the UK and looking for a career that offers unrivalled stability and job security? A job in the civil service offers both of these things, and the good news is that there are always civil service jobs to be filled around the UK. In this blog, we are going to show you where you can find these UK government jobs without having to trawl too hard!

A civil service job can be any one of a couple of hundred different careers. The options are huge, so it stands to reason that most people will be able to find a job they desire by searching for a civil service posting. The absolute first site you should be checking for these type of jobs is the UK government site at direct.gov.uk. Here you will find an all encompassing look at the vacancies currently available around all of the local authorities in the UK. It should give you an idea of what parts of the UK your skills are needed, which will hopefully make your choice a little easier.

The next site we are going to suggest you take a gander at is the local government careers site at lgjobs.com. This site will show you all of the vacancies around the country, but it lets you visit each local authority site separately so you can check out what kind of perks they are offering to employees right now. It is a fantastic resource to check out.

Finally, for all jobs that fall under the civil service banner, but aren't run by local authorities, we recommend checking out jobsinpublicsector.co.uk. This site will give you a run down of all of these jobs, and where to find them.


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