We check out what social worker qualifications you will need

Thinking of ditching your old mundane career and getting a job in an industry that lets you make a massive difference? If you have always harboured hopes of becoming a social worker, then we are here to help as we present a guide to the social worker qualifications you will need, and where you can go to get them.

There is currently a lot of openings around the UK for social workers as the population continues to grow. This demand isn't being satisfied by the number of college graduates, so if you get yourself up to speed, there will be plenty of job opportunities for you in this field. Most of these jobs can be secured by you doing a degree in Social Work, and we have found some of the best sites offering this information right now.

The first site you should take a gander at is the Children's Workforce Development Council at cwdcouncil.org.uk. This site offers information on the degree programme that is extremely hands on with 200 days of assessed practice in a range of scenarios that will fully equip you to be a competent social worker. It also has all of your options if you already hold a different degree and are looking to move into social care. It is an extremely informative site!

To actually find a university that is offering the degree in your area, then we recommend you take a look at ucas.co.uk. UCAS is the place to look for information about every degree being offered by universities and higher education institutions around the UK.


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