We check out the best places to get Dublin South part time jobs

Are you based in Dublin and fancy snagging yourself a new career? Living in Ireland's capital, you have the widest variety of jobs available to you in the country. Despite the doom and gloom surrounding the place right now, there are still a world of Dublin South part time jobs available to people who are hard working and enthusiastic. In this blog we are going to give you a few ideas for brilliant Dublin jobs.

As the centre of commerce in Ireland, there are a lot of companies based in the Dublin area. It is also home to a number of huge multi-national companies. Google and Facebook are both hugely successful and their European HQs are based in Dublin city centre. We recommend checking out both of their websites for the current positions they are offering. So check out www.google.ie/intl/en/jobs/ and www.facebook.com/careers/department.php?dept=dublin.

Another hugely successful company to check out based in South Dubin is bookmaker Paddy Power, and they regularly have a wide variety of openings in their Tallaght operation. You can check out their site at www.workwithpaddy.com/ and upload your C.V for them to check out.

We also recommend checking out the civil service website in Ireland as the vast majority of civil service jobs in Ireland are based in Dublin. Check out the site at www.publicjobs.ie and upload your C.V. New jobs are regularly going up here, so it's well worth keeping an eye out!


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