We check out the best part time Edinburgh jobs

If you live in picturesque Edinburgh and you fancy a switch in career, then this blog is the one for you! We've found some of the best employers in Edinburgh where you can find part time Edinburgh Lothian jobs, so hopefully it will take the leg work out of the search for you!

Rather than simply point you in the direction of job search engines like indeed.co.uk and monster.co.uk, we thought we would suggest a few companies that seem to always be recruiting, and the first of these is booming video game developer Rockstar North at rockstarnorth.com. Rockstar North are the brains behind such video game classics as Grand Theft Auto and the Bully series. As one of the most profitable video game companies, they are always on the lookout for bright and enthusiastic staff. Check them out!

Looking to get into the world of finance? One of the UK's largest financial institutions are based in Edinburgh, and they are the Royal Bank of Scotland, who you can find online at rbs.com/careers.ashx. RBS' career page highlights all of the roles they are currently advertising throughout the UK, simply refine your search by selecting Edinburgh and you are good to go!

If the exciting world of retail management has always appealed to you, then Tesco Supermarket has a massive presence north of the border in Edinburgh. You can check out their careers page at tesco-careers.com. Simply fill in the online application form and submit it instantly.

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