We check out some possible part time Nottingham jobs

Are you living in Nottingham and searching for part time Nottingham jobs? This beautiful and historic area of England is rich in employment opportunities, with a number of high profile companies based there that always seem to have openings for bright and enthusiastic staff. We've listed a couple of potential ideas for you right here.

The first company we suggest you take a gander at is optician and eye specialist Vision Express, who are based in Nottingham. Vision Express have over 300 stores in the UK, but their admin centre is in Nottingham, so there are plenty of opportunities to snag a good job there. Check out their website at visionexpress.com for all the latest vacancies.

Another fast growing company based in Nottingham is the Games Workshop, purveyors of table top war games like Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 4000. They have nearly 100 retail stores across the UK, and again have a host of admin jobs to be found in Nottingham. You can check out their website at games-workshop.com.

There's even a specialist job agency operating in the Nottingham area, and that is Nottingham Jobs, who you can check out at nottinghamjobs.co.uk. Nottingham Jobs is an invaluable resource for jobs in the area, and they allow you to upload your CV, so employers can check you out at any time. We recommend sticking your CV up there for starters.

Best of luck on your Nottingham job hunt!

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