We check out potential security trades and general services jobs in Dublin

Despite the fact that the Irish economy is still on its knees following the global financial crisis which essentially crippled the country, there are a surprising number of positions to be found for anyone who is interested in searching for security trades and general services jobs in Dublin.

Since the security industry is one which usually thrives when things aren't going particularly well in any country, things have been going quite well for those who have been looking for security based jobs. With so many different companies in Dublin now seeking to ensure that their assets are well looked after, it's no surprise that the demand for new blood in security trades and general services jobs in Dublin has increased in the last few years.

There are a number of different positions that you could work in if you want to search for security trades and general services jobs. For example, you could search for the traditional jobs, such as front line security positions where you will be the visible force in a business, warehouse, bank or shopping centre. These positions typically pay between €10.65 and €12.20 per hour.

Alternatively you could look towards some of the emerging positions found in the Irish security industry. These include network security, CCTV installation, CCTV monitoring and technology development. Since these positions are an awful lot more specialised, they tend to pay substantially more, with average wages ranging from €16.00 to €28.00 per hour.

However, in order to get into these jobs, you'll need to be able to display expertise in the field, such as previous work experience or a college degree that could be seen as applicable to the job in question.

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