We check out learning and teaching jobs in Wales (Teaching Jobs)

Thanks to the fast growing UK population there is an insatiable demand for teachers around the country, and one of the most in demand areas is Wales. From Cardiff to Bangor, schools are groaning under the weight of not having enough teachers, so in this blog, we are going to show you how to secure learning and teaching south jobs in Wales (Teaching Jobs in Wales).

Even if you haven't got a qualification in teaching, there are still roles such as teaching assistant to be carried out in schools, so don't despair! A brilliant job site that serves as a great starting point is www.jobs.guardian.co.uk, the Guardian newspaper's jobs website. This site contains a lot of unique openings that you won't find on any other site. While it is by no means comprehensive, it is a brilliant site to check out.

A site that focuses solely on teaching vacancies is E-Teach, and you can check out their site and all of their available jobs at www.eteach.com. All you have to do to find their Welsh openings is to refine your search to Wales, and check out the openings. This site is also useful in that it provides a number of guides to making yourself more employable as a teacher.

Finally, we recommend another job site that is dedicated just to teaching and education jobs, and that site is www.tes.co.uk. This site allows you to search by area obviously, and it also contains a section for temporary teaching roles, which is a brilliant starting job.

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