We check out companies offering intensive driving courses

Looking to bone up on your driving skills ahead of applying for a job with driving involved? Whether you are intent on becoming a policemen, firefighter, or even a limousine driver, having an intensive driving course on your CV is going to reflect unbelievably well. In this blog, we are going to show you where you can take intensive driving courses.

No matter what the circumstances, if you can find an intensive driving course for a reasonable price, we recommend you take it. Even if your motives aren't fuelled by needing to do it for employment, it will likely make a massive difference to your insurance premium, especially if you are a younger driver! The most widespread of these courses is the Pass Plus course, and for all the information on how to find a centre offering the test, check out the government site at direct.gov.uk.

The Pass Plus is geared more towards freshly qualified drivers, and it helps to bring insurance premiums down with successful completion. If you are looking for something more geared towards improving your chances of getting a driving related job, then we recommend you check out the Driver Training Today site at drivertrainingtoday.co.uk. This site offers the full range of advanced courses, semi intensive courses, and intensive courses.

Finally, it is always worth taking a look at Target Tuition's site at targettuition.co.uk as they run a whole host of courses, and regularly update their site with special offers you won't find anywhere else.


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