We can help you find part time call centre and customer service jobs in Dublin West

We all know how bad things are in Ireland right now. Things are tight all across the country, and are showing no signs of improving any time soon. Many companies are starting to look elsewhere in a bid to cut costs, given the fact that the cost of running a business in Ireland is still much higher than it is in many other countries throughout the European Union.

This certainly isn't good news for the tens of thousands of people who find themselves newly unemployed in Ireland these days. However there are still a large number of part time positions available for those who are willing to be a little more flexible with their criteria for finding a job.

While working in a call centre may not be for everyone, in fact it takes a special kind of person to put up with the kind of repetitive and thankless work available in this particular sector, it is an industry that features quite a high turnover in staff, meaning that jobs are usually readily available.

When looking for part time call centre and customer service jobs in Dublin West, it's not normally essential for you to have previous experience working in the field. While it may help you stand out from other applicants, the fact of the matter is that every job is quite different from the next, and you'll receive comprehensive on the site training regardless of how experienced you are when you start.

You can expect to make in the region of €9.50 to €12.00 per hour for this kind of work, and there are a number of companies that you should focus on in order to have the best chance of finding something suitable. For those of you fluent in foreign languages, you should take a look at the positions offered by GALA Networks Europe and CPL Office Support, who are hiring fluent Polish and German speakers respectively.

We recommend keeping an eye on jobs.ie for all the latest part time call centre customer service jobs in Dublin West.

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