We can help you find jobs at an industrial estate in Scotland

Industrial estates offer some of the very best employment opportunities anywhere in Scotland right now. These busy areas are home to a number of large and small businesses, each of which are always on the go for highly talented, dedicated and experienced staff. However, in order to find jobs with these companies you're going to need to think slightly differently.

Rather than spending your time searching through dozens of different job websites, we recommend that you take a look at some of the local industrial estates in your area. There are literally dozens of these dotted around of the major Scottish cities, so you'll need to use some of your local knowledge in order to figure out which one offers the best employment opportunities for your needs.

Depending on the type of what you're looking for, you'll need to focus on different kinds of jobs at industrial estate in Scotland. If for example you want to work on manufacturing line in a factory, you're going to need to look for companies you are involved in the production of products. For these kinds of jobs you can expect to earn in around £8.20 per hour.

Alternatively you could consider working in an office, in one of the many clerical position is available for these companies. Since there is so much red tape for companies to get through in order to conduct the business these days, the desire for talented clerical staff is higher than ever.

For these clerical positions you can expect to earn between £6.80 and £8.20 per hour, however this can change depending on the amount of previous experience you have working in the clerical sector.


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