Earning money from home in the UK

The United Kingdom has had an economically active population during the times of the recession. For the first quarter of 2011, the total number of unemployed people in the United Kingdom was 2.48 million. This figure represents only a 0.1 percent decrease from the previous year.

Freelance Vendor Websites - There are many telecommuting jobs that can be found online. Jobs include data entry, virtual assistants, transcription and customer service representatives. One online service you can use is Guru.com. Vendors can use their skills in categories such as proofreaders, editors, translators, graphic designers and web developers. The service matches vendors to buyers. Rates are set by market principles and what a buyer is willing to pay for a particular service.

Another site is Freelancer.com. This site allows people to post a project. Vendors can place bids on that project. It's free to sign up for this service and free to post a project. The site charges a commission of $5 or 10 percent of a successful bid. As a vendor, you can work from home and generate an income using your knowledge and skills sets. Technology has changed the ways to make money home for anyone who has access to the Internet.

Online jobs in the United Kingdom are divided into two general classifications. First, there are those that require certain fees. The other are sites that have no initial investment. Many people starting out use the sites with no up front investment. Online services that have no investment may limit the amount of work that can be performed as a service provider. In the United Kingdom, the most popular service is People Per Hour.

People who seek to work from home can sign up to this service and complete various tasks for small business owners, executives, or other work from home entrepreneurs. This site launched in 2008. It connects over 40,105 small businesses to virtual workers all over the world. There is a small fee as a vendor if you are successful in obtaining work from a client.


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