What you need to know about warehouse jobs part time

There are a number of ways to get warehouse jobs part time and a slew of tasks required of warehouse operators in most warehouses. If you're considering working in a warehouse, here are some things you might want to know before applying.

Warehouse Operatives - Tasks You'll be Expected to Do - Depending upon your skills and experience, there are a variety of different tasks you'll be expected to do as a warehouse operator, even if you only work part time. These are just some of them.

1. You'll be expected to load, unload, move and pack products.

2. Check shipments to certify amount arriving and number received are correct.

3. Must be able to drive and to correctly operate forklifts, hand trucks, dollies etc.

4. Completing purchase orders and requisitions so they are legible and correct.

5. Have the physical ability to lift a certain weight (it differs per warehouse), as well as walk and stand for long periods of time.

6. Store products properly, placing each item in the right place for best storage and most efficient use of facility.

7. Follow all safety procedures.

Where to Find Warehouse Jobs Part Time in the UK - There are a number of excellent job search resources online, where you can search for specific part time warehousing jobs around the UK.

Start off with industryrecruit.co.uk/warehousing,where you can search for jobs as a Warehouse Operative, HGV Class 1 and 2 Driver, Furniture and Product Assemblers etc. Also check out Logistics Job Shop (logisticsjobshop.co.uk), which places employees in warehouse and transportation jobs.

Remember companies like Tesco and Asda too. Much of their business revolves around warehousing, so they're always looking for good warehouse workers part time and full time. Check out Asda's warehouse job listings at asda.jobs and Tesco at tesco-careers.com.

Remember, if you only work part time you'll be paid per hour with a rate that's usually less than if you worked a full time job. However, if you manage to get extra hours and get into the realm of higher-paying overtime, working even part time in a warehouse can be very lucrative.

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