Want to work for the Job Centre Plus UK?

The primary aim of the Job Centre Plus UK is to help the unemployed back into work. If you enjoy working with people providing advice, information and guidance, a career at the Job Centre Plus may be ideal.

The Job Centre Plus employs a variety of staff who support the work of the organisation. There are those who work on the 'front line' as advisors and customer service administrators, to those who work in the back office such as administrative officers and telephone customer service representatives.

Administrative staff within the Job Centre Plus offices are responsible for responding to customer enquiries, directing customers to appropriate advice services, updating computer systems with customer information, arranging appointments and supporting the work of the advisors. This support work will include the maintenance of recording systems both paper based and electronic, ensuring that advisors have the correct paperwork and word processing support.

In order to work for the Job Centre Plus as an Administrative Officer, applicants are required to have a good general standard of education, excellent attention to detail, a high level of computer literacy, excellent customer service skills and the ability to act on own initiative when required.

Current employment vacancies can be sought from the careers section of the Department of Work and Pensions website, which will outline job description and other valuable information in relation to the post. Alternatively, the jobs section in local newspapers will often detail any available vacancies with the Job Centre Plus, as will the Direct.gov website.

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