Want to find Belfast banking jobs?

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Belfast is one of the most important centres of commerce in the UK, and there are excellent employment prospects here. The financial industry is one of the most important employers in Belfast, and with Barclays, Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland just a few of the banks located in the city, there are always Belfast banking jobs available.

Tellers make up the largest percentage of staff in banks, and there are always opportunities in this area. They are the people who customers primarily interact with in banks, so it's important to have good communication skills for these positions. You'll need to be aware of the banks services and products, because it will be up to you to refer customers to various departments in the bank.

Basic computer skills are also important for tellers, as a lot of their work is computer based. And experience of cash-handling jobs is also a big advantage.

There are also many vacancies for admin staff in the financial industry. Again, computer skills are essential, with data entry being a large part of the position.

Recruitment agencies are great places to find Belfast banking jobs. NI Jobs, NI Job Finder and Total Jobs are some of the agencies where you'll find hundreds of vacancies advertised in this sector.

To apply for any of the positions you find with an online recruitment agency, you'll need to upload a CV on the website. This will give employers in Belfast the opportunity to view your details when they're hiring new staff.


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