Want to be employed in pipefitter jobs?

If you are interested in becoming a pipefitter then you will need to be aware of the process to qualify. You will also need to successfully submit your CV for any pipefitter jobs you are interested in.

A pipefitter is a technical and skilled job that involves the use of your hands. You will be working on a home and commercial construction site or employed during a home remodelling. The job involves installing the pipes that a building will need.

Seeking a job as a pipefitter should start with taking the right courses in high school. To become a pipefitter you will need to great understanding of subjects such as mathematics and design. You will also need to study technical drawing. Therefore, from high school you should ensure you have a good understanding of mathematics, so that when you successfully graduate, you can then enter a technical course to learn pipefitting.  You can do so by completing an NVQ in pipefitting or getting a City & Guilds diploma in this subject.

If you complete an NVQ, it will usually involve an apprenticeship so you can be observed and learn while on the job. An apprentice ship will you with the hands-on training that you would only have gotten a small amount of during your education.

After completing your apprenticeship, you are now able to search for pipefitter jobs. You can do so by creating a CV. If you are not sure how to do so, you can use a online template or get help from your local job centre. Your CV should include information about your education and all experience as it pertains to pipe fitting. Afterwards, it is just a matter of searching for jobs at the job centre or using online websites such as Gumtree.com or Totaljobs.com to find your next role.

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