Want a job as cleaner in London?

Cleaning jobs represent an employment area that is always in high demand. We reveal those particular skills most desired by potential employers for a job as cleaner in London.

Attention to detail

Cleaning jobs might seem to be fairly straightforward and unadventurous; nevertheless cleaners perform a vital role in society. They can take particular pride in their work. And that work can come in a wide variety of guises. Whether you are being asked to clean business premises or households, the principles remain the same. Your work will come under a lot of scrutiny, particularly if you are working in the health or catering industries.


Although your day-to-day tasks will differ, your employer will expect you to work under minimal supervision. Expect to become familiar with many tasks, from hoovering and making beds, to dusting, wiping surfaces or polishing windows. Much of the work will not be for the squeamish; however ensuring toilets and bathrooms are clean is a job that society will always value.


Offices expect their cleaning to be accomplished before the business day commences. This will mean clocking in outside normal working hours, either early in the morning or late at night. It goes without saying that you’ll have to have excellent self-management skills, particularly with juggling other aspects of your life to accommodate the anti-social hours!

Formal skills?

Cleaning is generally considered an unskilled occupation. But any degree of experience will hold you in good stead. Have you been involved in specialised operations, such as the use and storage of chemicals?


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