Fantastic range of Wakefield vacancies available

Wakefield is a sizeable city that affords job seekers excellent employment opportunities. Wakefield vacancies can be found in several different industries and there's a position for everyone in the city, regardless of educational achievements and experience.

The manufacturing industry is particularly strong in Wakefield and there are a number of factories in the city, especially food manufacturing factories. Some of the food manufacturing companies in Wakefield include:

  • Northern Foods - Trinity Park House, Trinity Business Park, Fox Way
  • Chilled Food - Unit 3, Flanshaw Way
  • Euro Kebab Food Manufacturers - 9 Upper Accommodation Road

Vacancies in Wakefield are available in these factories on a regular basis. The great thing about them is everyone is welcome for a position, while wages range from £6 - £8 an hour for general operative positions.

There are a number of places where you'll find vacancies in Wakefield in the manufacturing sector. Local newspapers and radio stations often run advertisements and should be closely watched by job seekers.

Some of the local recruitment agencies are also well worth approaching, if you're looking for employment in Wakefield. The thing to be careful about with recruitment agencies is different agencies only look after certain industries. Recruitment agencies that will help you find jobs in the manufacturing sector in Wakefield include:

  • Bluefire Commercial & Finance
  • Freeway Recruitment
  • Sta*Nation Staffing

And it's never a bad idea to keep a close eye on some of the UK's leading job sites when you're looking for Wakefield vacancies. My Wakefield Jobs, Fish4 and Total Jobs are just a few of the sites with regular job openings in Wakefield.


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