Some great Wakefield employment opportunities

With a history that dates back over 1000 years, the city of Wakefield is now a vibrant and modern place to live and work. Along with the headquarters of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, the Yorkshire and Humber regional assembly and the West Yorkshire Police located within the cities civic quarter, it's no surprise to learn that the public sector is one of the key employers in the area.

The city council of Wakefield offer employment and training opportunities. Log onto wakefield.gov.uk/jobsandcareers where you'll find information on council job opportunities, teaching vacancies, careers in childcare and apprenticeship training programmes.

Manufacturing giant Coca-Cola has the largest soft-drinks factory in Europe located in Wakefield. The site opened in 1989 and has been offering the people of Wakefield sustained employment for over 20 years. Fill in an online application form at careers.cokecce.com/ourstaffingprocess.

Network Rail is another major employer in the area. You can complete an online application at networkrail.co.uk. Slightly further afield is GlaxoSmithKline where online applications are accompanied by your CV to gsk.com/careers/uk-recruitment.

One web site specifically dedicated to Wakefield, with employment and community information is wakefieldexpress.co.uk. Other local sourced employment web sites are located on wakefieldjobs.com and myleedsjobs.co.uk.

The government's own job search engine, located at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk, is an invaluable resource when looking for jobs around the UK - you simply need to enter your location or postcode to access a list of Wakefield employment vacancies.

Other online sites where Wakefield employment opportunities are listed are, totaljobs.com, jobstoday.co.uk, fish4.co.uk and jobrapido.co.uk.

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