Make a difference with VSO jobs

Volunteer Service Overseas might not seem the most obvious way to further your career, but it can turn out to be the most valuable experience of your working life. VSO jobs allow you to share your skills and expertise where they are needed, and in return, learn a little about international cooperation and global friendship.

Working for VSO (vso.or.uk) is not about wages, although all your living expenses, flights, accommodation and a local living allowance are covered.

VSO jobs require skilled professionals to work in developing countries where their skills will be of value, not least in helping local communities to be self-sufficient and develop their own systems of education and training.

Many VSO projects are in the areas of disability, education, health, HIV and AIDS awareness, and skill and experience in these fields is particularly valuable. There are more than 40 countries with active VSO projects, requiring all levels of expertise.

There are three types of candidate welcomed by VSO. Firstly, they are looking for qualified professionals with at least 2 years hands-on experience in their profession, who are willing to commit to 1-2 years of VSO work; secondly, short-term volunteers, with at least 5 years working experience, who can commit to 6 months or less; and, thirdly, youth volunteers, aged 18-25, who apply through VSO's Youth for Development and Global Xchange schemes.

VS0 jobs are mostly located in South-East Asia, Africa and Central and South America, although there are European projects in Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Check the details on the website to see where your skills and experience can be most usefully deployed.


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