Start a new career with VSG Security Recruitment

Established back in March of 2000, VSG has quickly risen through the ranks of UK based security companies to become the single fastest expanding company in the British security sector. From its humble beginnings, it now sits in the top four security companies in the country in terms of revenue, with turnover of more than £150,000,000 last year alone.

To help their rapid expansion, VSG Security Recruitment has recently joined FTSE top 40 company Compass Group UK and Ireland - a company which is able to boast revenues of more than £13,000,000,000 as of September 2009, and one which employs more than three hundred and eighty six thousand people in fifty five countries across the world.

VSG currently boasts a staff of more than seven thousand highly skilled field based security personnel throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, with new offices in London, Belfast and Dublin supplementing the company's top of the range Northampton headquarters.

With such rapid expansion of their business, VSG are always on the lookout for experienced and talented individuals to add to their ever growing team of specialists in order to help them achieve their mission goal of being known as the best in the world at what they do.

For more information about the company, as well as plenty of reasons why you should give serious thought to applying for a job with them, you can check out their website at vsg.co.uk today.

VSG Security Recruitment have a number of positions available for suitable applicants, so be sure to check out the "Join Us" section of their website for all the latest job information as well as instructions on how to go about applying.

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