Interested in VSG Security in London jobs?

Despite the fact that the majority of industries in the United Kingdom are experiencing a slowdown when it comes to their finances since the global economic crisis started back in 2008, one sector that hasn't been affected in any way negatively is the security industry. Thanks to the fact that companies are now placing even more importance on securing their assets, security companies up and down the country are finding that they are overwhelmed by the number of jobs they are being asked to take on.

This is obviously fantastic news for anyone out there who has been thinking of switching to a career in the security industry, or anyone who already works in it but would like a change of scenery.

VSG Security in London jobs are now starting to become a lot more popular as the company grows and expands into one of the most successful businesses in the security industry. There are three main types of job available with VSG; core staff, management staff and relief staff.

Core staff are the security officers themselves. In order to qualify for these positions you'll need to have an SIA (Security Industry Authority) license to prove that you have undergone and passed all the necessary government testing to ensure your suitability to the position.

You can expect to earn between £7.00 and £9.00 per hour for this kind of work, with that pay broken down into £9.00 for any hours worked, and £7.00 per hour on retainer for a maximum of 15 hours per week. You'll also need a full UK driving license and a passport, as well as the ability to be flexible with your working hours.

Management staff is mainly clerical and supervisory work. If you have experience in either of these fields, you'll have a great chance of being successful in your application, assuming you can demonstrate a high level of expertise. You can expect to make between £7.00 and £11.00 in these positions.

And finally, relief staff will act as cover for the core staff and will be paid £9.00 per hour just like them. However, they will not be able to avail of the £7.00 per hour retainer offered to core staff.

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