The Type of Job a VSG Security Employment Opportunity Provides

VSG Security is the 4th largest in the security arena in the UK and consequently, locating a VSG Security employment opportunity shouldn’t be very difficult. VSG’s main office is located in Northampton, with additional offices in London, Belfast and Dublin. With thousands of employees needed to fulfill contracts, if you are looking to work in the field of security, they can offer the type of job you are looking for.

Types of Jobs with VSG Security

As part of the Compass Group of companies, VSG Security is a global supplier of security solutions. They offer remote monitoring, manned guarding, security systems, background screening and training.

VSG security jobs offer a multitude of options. You can work at a retail establishment providing a security presence to deter theft or work in a CCTV monitoring center watching activity on the sales floor of a department store or warehouse. Security jobs could also be working in a security post monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic to a facility, checking I.D.s, doing searches. It can also include escorting high value goods or installing security systems.

Job Requirements for VSG

The first requirement is that you are 18-years of age and have a neat, well-kept appearance. You should also be physically fit in order to perform your job duties. Aside from these two requirements, the others will vary depending on the type of position you are interested in. Most, if not all positions with VSG require a valid SIA licence. Most also require a valid driving licence. Providing high-value escort often requires a valid passport.

Salary Expectations with VSG

Salary will vary widely on the type of position you obtain and your prior experience. Salaries generally begin at £6 per hour and rise from there to as much as £12 or more. The risk involved in your post also plays a role. A VSG Security employment opportunity is best found through VSG Security recruitment.

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