For an exciting change of scene try volunterring abroad

Volunterring abroad is both stimulating and rewarding as it involves living, working and making a difference in a local community whilst learning about a new culture. It also offers exciting travel opportunities and is particularly attractive to young people.

VSO UK is a volunteer organisation that offers both long term,short term and youth volunteering opportunities abroad. If interested you can register your interest on the VSO website. Short-term roles give experienced professionals the opportunity to make a concentrated, high-impact contribution to the fight against poverty.You’ll face fresh challenges, develop valuable new skills, and experience another culture in a way few people have the chance to. After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, many VSO volunteers went there to help rebuild the country.

VSO places a priority on matching volunteers to placements where they are most professionally suited. It helps if you’re flexible when considering where you’re willing to work. VSO take care of all your expenses, from flights and insurance through to visas and accommodation.

Earthwatch Institute is a worldwide organisation that offers volunteers of all ages the opportunity to participate in important environmental and conservation research projects around the world.

Comhlamh is a volunteering options programme with its own website, volunteering options.org. The website contains a searchable database of over 115 organisations that arrange international volunteer placements. It also sets out information for people before, during and after their volunteer placement. Other sections include links to relevant resources and information on upcoming courses and events relating to overseas volunteering.

Volunterring abroad is a very enriching experience. So, if you would like to teach English, look after orphans, help with endangered species, or build houses in South Africa with the Liam Mellon Trust there is something to suit everyone

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