Interested in joining the ranks of the many volunteers abroad?

Are you thinking of doing something a little more worthwhile with your life than just settling into the 9-5 rat race? There are few more fulfilling things in life than doing a spot of volunteering abroad, and we are going to show you how you can join the ranks of the many volunteers abroad in this blog.

While volunteering isn't for everybody, there are few more nobler ways to spend your time than donating it to help improve the lot of others. One of the main organisations that helps to place volunteers around the globe is VSO, and you can check out their site at vso.org.uk. VSO offer you the chance to volunteer in a huge number of different places around the globe, with a special emphasis on Africa. They ask nothing of you except that you have a positive attitude, so they are a fantastic first site for you to check out for a volunteering gig abroad.

If you would prefer to cast the net a little wider than just Africa, then we have the perfect site for you. We recommend you point your browser towards the Original Volunteers site at originalvolunteers.co.uk. This site contains a huge amount of helpful links to volunteer jobs all around the globe, and they have opportunities as far away as Thailand, so they are well worth a look.

Another site that offers a humongous amount of choice to a person looking to volunteer abroad is the Real Gap site at realgap.co.uk. They offer a whopping 200 different sites around the globe where you can volunteer, so we recommend checking them out.

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