Looking for fun opportunities for volunteering in Lincolnshire?

Volunteering in Lincolnshire is a fun way to meet people. Plus, due to the worsening economy, so many people now need the help of charities and social service agencies, organisations need even more volunteers than they did in the past.

If you're thinking of volunteering in Lincolnshire, take a look at these three charities. They're smashing places to volunteer at, and you'll really be doing some good.

Addaction (addaction.org.uk) - Addaction is one of the best places to volunteer in Lincolnshire, not only because you'll be helping people with substance abuse problems but Addaction offers an incredible, and free, training course to all its volunteers.

The course is 12-weeks long and is accredited, so you'll have certification that may be useful in your future career too.

After training, you'll be placed with one of their resource centres, and help promote their services, work with substance abusers, or promote their needle exchange programs.Get a volunteer application package from Addaction by calling 01522 301307.

St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice (tbarnabashospice.co.uk) - Working with those who have life-threatening diseases or the terminally ill isn't for everyone, but volunteering at St. Barnabas Hospice would be an incredibly rewarding experience for anyone who can.

They have over 1,000 volunteers in the Lincolnshire area and need everything from drivers, gardeners and receptionists, to fundraisers, librarians, file clerks and flower ladies.

The Nomad Trust (nomadtrust.org.uk) - A small non-profit based in Lincoln, The Nomad Trust is a place where the homeless can get a bed for the night, a decent meal, and help for any number of minor, and sometimes major, problems.

The Nomad Trust always in need of good volunteers as Lincolnshire has a large number of homeless which, in the current poor economy, has been increasing in number annually.

They need people who have office administration skills, fundraising skills, can help with arts and crafts, or are good at budgeting. Get in touch with their Volunteer Co-ordinator on their website, for more information.

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