Volunteering Haiti opportunities

From education to agriculture programmes, there are plenty of volunteering in Haiti opportunities for those who would like to contribute to earthquake reconstruction and general development of this country. With half of the population in Haiti being illiterate, there is a great need of volunteers to help fight poverty through education. Improving the health and living conditions of people in Haiti is another reason to volunteer. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, here are some programs you may be interested in.

GoAbroad.com is a good place to start looking for volunteering opportunities in Haiti. Here you will find multiple organisations that are looking for people ready to get involved. One of them is “Helping Hands and Beyond”, an organisation that provides a variety of services dedicated to promoting healthy living and fostering quality of life. By volunteering for this program, you will embark in a life changing experience by working independently or as a team in a clinic or hospital, treating adults and children alike. The program duration is 1 or 2 weeks and there are several requirements for volunteering, including being over 17 years of age and providing a criminal background check.

Another place where you can look for volunteering programs is igobeyondtravel.com/volunteerhaiti. Here you will find volunteer projects related to education, health, agriculture, economic development and community. Applicants need to be at least 18 years old and fluent in English or French. You can choose to volunteer for a period of one week to three months. Online registrations are available on the website.

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