Help those in need by volunteering in Edinburgh

Want to get involved in the life of the city? By volunteering in Edinburgh you can provide much-needed assistance with a wide variety of schemes throughout the city, addressing a broad range of social problems.

The Volunteer Centre Edinburgh (volunteeredinburgh.org.uk) is the first place to look for volunteer work opportunities. On their website, they publish a weekly hot list of volunteering opportunities in Edinburgh.

This covers a broad spectrum of activities, from basketball practice with underprivileged young people, to doing publicity or PR for local charities. Opportunities change every week, so keep an eye open for work where you can use your skills and enthusiasm.

One of the most worthwhile causes in Edinburgh is the Hospital for Sick Kids (edinburghsickkids.org). They need volunteers for a wide range of work helping out at the hospital or in the trust office.

if you are over 18, can offer a minimum of 2 hours every week and can commit to a minimum of 6 months volunteering, there are numerous rewarding hospital jobs. These include work as play volunteers on the wards, reading stories to children, broadcasting on Radio Lollipop, serving in the cafe, and promoting healthy eating by handing out fruit.

If you are an animal-lover, the Scottish SPCA needs volunteers for its services. The Edinburgh and Lothian Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre cares for farm animals and exotic animals, although there might be a long waiting list for volunteer work here.

Otherwise check the classified job sections online for volunteering posts in Edinburgh. Gum Tree (gumtree.com/edinburgh) is a particularly good source for this kind of work.


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