Volunteering could change your life!

Volunteer work comes in all shapes and sizes and definitely doesn't mean just one thing. The non-volunteering type often write it off as some do-gooder, hippy-loving type of initiative, but there is far more to it that that. And, surprisingly, there is usually a type of voluntary work that suits everyone.

Some people are more suited to helping out with local community based schemes and initiatives such as teaching literacy and numeracy to less educated members of the community, helping out in community-run playschemes and after-school clubs for less well-off children, or teaching English to foreigners who are new to England and the local area. Other people prefer to go green-fingered and help clean up local parks and preserve wildlife. There are tonnes of these kinds of schemes available, you just need to check online at your local government website and see what programmes are available in your area and how you can get involved.

The more adventurous of you might be looking for that certain something that you can only get from dropping everything and going overseas to a third world country for a few months (or years!) to help make a difference to the lives of those living in poverty and war. There are numerous schemes, charities and programmes that enable you to do this. Check out Oxfam, Volunteer Abroad, Volunteering Options and Volunteer Overseas for more information and ideas on how to fulfil this dream, help people in need, and discover a whole new you in the process. Happy Volunteering!

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