Have fun volunteering in Birmingham

One of the best things you can ever do is be a volunteer. So many people have lives worse than our own, and volunteering for a charity can help them. Volunteering in Birmingham is easy.

Call a Birmingham non-profit or drop by and offer your services. Birmingham has charities for every interest - coach a kids' sports team, visit old age pensioners, read to the blind...

Start with The Centre for Voluntary Action. A Birmingham voluntary support organisation, they can tell you where there are volunteer opportunities and match you with one that fits your skills best.

If you like older people, you'll love volunteering at Age Concern Birmingham. You can work in their OAP day care centre, phone senior citizens to check in on them and make sure they're ok, help organise special events or even be involved in home visits. Old folks are often lonely and sometimes depressed. A few hours a week can make a big difference.

Concerned about refugees in the UK and the problems they face? Sign up to volunteer with the Refugee Council. You can help fundraise, assist new refugees in getting settled, help them sign up for government benefits, teach English classes or even run storytelling groups for their kids. The easier it is for refugees to settle down in the UK, the less problems they and society have.

Do you think kids in Birmingham need good role models? Are kids getting into trouble because they're bored out of their minds? Then sign up for Birmingham Sports Volunteers. They'll find you a place in a community sports club where you can coach and mentor kids in sports like cricket, basketball, swimming, athletics, tennis and football. The kids will appreciate it, and you'll keep fit while you're doing it.

Being a volunteer helps others better their lives but it also helps you better yours. You'll make great friends, learn a lot and have so much fun you'll wonder why you didn't volunteer years ago.


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