Find volunteer work in Caerphilly

Do you have some spare time and would you like to use it to make a positive change in your community? Volunteers are in many ways the backbone of British society. They put in countless hours of their own time to help others and improve the lives of strangers. If you think that you have what it takes to be a volunteer, consider charity work in Caerphilly.

So just what type of work is available? One of the most common volunteer positions is to work in one of the many charity shops in the town centre. Volunteers are usually asked to dedicate a minimum of two hours per week. Tasks include sorting stock, arranging displays, cash handling and processing sales.

You can also volunteer as a home help for elderly or disabled people living in the Caerphilly area. Tasks may include collected groceries, cooking and tidying (personal care is left to social services). If you prefer a one on one experience, this could be for you.

If you can only commit to volunteering for a short period of time, keep your eyes out for charity drives. These are especially common around Christmas time and may include collected hampers, packaging gifts, and more strategic roles such as planning, advertising and organising the drives.

Can't find any suitable vacancies right now? Then why not create your own? They say that charity begins at home, so keep an eye out in your neighbourhood for anyone that could benefit from your help. Something so simple as bringing your elderly neighbour's bin out can make a big difference to their lives.


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