Volunteer jobs right here!

A volunteer job is generally an unpaid position that operates on part-time hours. Companies that offer volunteer jobs are usually charities or non-profit companies. Apart from doing something for the benefit of others, volunteer jobs can also be a great way to break into the work force or to gain experience in an industry that interests you.

A great place to start your volunteer job search is Do It. This is a UK company that provides over a million volunteer positions for you to choose from! You can search via ‘interest’ e.g. arts, culture, animals, or via preferred location. You can also search their volunteer centres database and they also have loads of information on what volunteering entails!

Another excellent resource is called Volunteering England. In their own words, they “work to support and increase the quality, quantity, impact and accessibility of volunteering throughout England”. To look for a job, click on the ‘I want to volunteer’ link on their homepage and search via location, volunteer centre, major organisations, overseas positions and job sector. You can also check out their Media Centre and read their latest news, policy briefings and plans for the future.

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