If you're looking to volunteer in Cork we might be able to help

We all know how bad things are in the economy right now, with record numbers of people hitting the unemployment line and very few jobs to be found anywhere in Ireland, however there are other things that you could be doing to keep yourself busy and active, rather than just sitting around all day.

As many people will tell you, employers hate to see large gaps of unemployment on potential candidates' CVs, so you should always do everything you can in order to avoid them. With jobs so hard to come by in Ireland at the minute, that can be easier said than done, but you could take a look at volunteering in Cork in order to help plug the gaps.

A strong sense of community is very important at times like these, so getting involved with your local neighbourhood and volunteering for some of the best deserving organisations is a great way to keep active and open up potential new opportunities.

You can apply all your experience to a wide range of volunteer positions in Cork. If you're an experience office worker, for example, you could offer to take on a little administrative work for one of the local charities, or if you're a football buff you could look at coaching one of the underage teams.

There are always plenty of opportunities around to volunteer in Cork, so don't be afraid to get out there and start looking. To help you out, we have included some useful websites below;

  • volunteercork.ie
  • volunteeringireland.ie
  • corkvolunteerweek.ie
  • animalcaresociety.ie


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