How to find voluntary work in London

Doing volunteering work not only allows you to give something valuable back to your local community - and more particularly to the people who are in the most desperate need of help - but also lets you gain some worthwhile experience to add to your CV, boosting your employability. If you have the free time, looking for voluntary work in London is an advantageous pursuit for all concerned.

Do-It: Volunteering Made Easy

Do-It, located at do-it.org.uk, is run in association with the official government Jobseeker's website at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk. Indeed, if you search for any voluntary work in London or elsewhere in the United Kingdom on the government's site, you will be directed to do-it.org.uk in order to complete any applications. The comprehensive website allows you to search according to very specific volunteering interests, ranging from disaster relief and human rights to music and sports. The application process is simple to complete, and puts you in direct contact with lots of helpful advisers who will maintain communication with you and push you towards your ideal volunteering opportunities.

Friendship Works

A very specific opportunity for voluntary work in London, Friendship Works is the oldest mentoring charity in the United Kingdom, becoming a pioneer in the field in the late 1970s. Operating in the boroughs of Camden, Islington and Southwark, the charity provides a really important service to children between the ages of 5 and 16 who require some sort of extra support in their lives - which are usually made difficult by the all too common problems of domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and difficulty with money. Volunteering with Friendship Works allows you to offer yourself as a stabling force in the life of one of these children. Find more information on their website at friendshipworks.org.uk.

Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea

Operating mainly in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, but with hands in other parts of London too, the Volunteer Centre is a specialist promotion agency which advertises volunteering opportunities for a wide variety of charities and organisations. They are also active in helping established and potential volunteers back to work, and run training courses to this effect. Check out their exciting opportunities at voluntarywork.org.uk, or call them at 0208 960 3722 for more detailed information about their programmes.

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