Voluntary work in Castleford: useful tips

Voluntary work in Castleford is easy to find as there are many Castleford vacancies - especially for part time volunteer jobs. There are lots of institutions that would highly appreciate your help, and volunteer jobs can reward you emotionally like no other job. It can also help you accumulate experience if you are interested in the field.

Volunteer Work in Castleford: Industries

Most volunteers are highly valued in the care and educational sector. This is one of the fields that need most support and service from volunteers. You can find different part time volunteer jobs in health institutions, private or public. You don’t have to work necessarily as a care assistant or nurse - there are many other available positions. Volunteers can work in a hospital as someone who takes patients around to appointments, checks on new-borns, or reads to patients. Help is always appreciated at food banks and homeless shelters.

Volunteer Work in Castleford: Recruiters

Not all recruiters list voluntary job opportunities. But in and around Castleford you can be sure to find volunteer work with the following recruitment agencies:

  • Gap Personnel (gap-personnel.com)
  • Carlton Recruitment (carleton-recruitment.co.uk)
  • Jenkin Halls Recruitment (jenkinhalls.com)

Volunteer Work in Castleford: Types of Jobs

There are different types of jobs available for people willing to work for free. You can work for free as a therapist, nurse or case assistant and you would be definitely helping people in need. Any health institution in Castleford can offer you such a job. You can also do volunteer work as a receptionist or a driver. You can choose to be a fundraising co-ordinator, a helpline operator or a pregnancy peer. There is a wide range of jobs, most of which are part time, that you can choose from for voluntary work in Castleford.


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