Voluntary and charity work jobs: interview tips

Voluntary and charity work jobs offer experience of a wide range of employment outlets and always looks impressive on your CV. Here we provide key interview tips to help you get the job...


There’s always competition for volunteer jobs so it’s crucial you prepare for your interview. It is guaranteed your prospective employer will ask what drew you to the post. They’ll be impressed if you know how their organisation works, its purpose, and the types of jobs they expect their volunteers to perform. You should:

  • Chat to friends who have volunteered there before
  • Check their website
  • Research them at your local library


Your volunteer jobs interview will be all about selling yourself. The interviewers will want to find out how well your skills and experience could fit into the position. Ensure you have a mental list to draw from, emphasising your education, skills and experience, and relevant hobbies or interests.

Stress positive personality traits. Never be afraid to ‘blow your own trumpet’. Tell them all about your enthusiasm and punctuality. Underscore that you have a polite telephone manner and work well with people. They’ll be particularly impressed by self-reliance and dedication, so try to give examples that illustrate your willingness and hard-work ethic.


Volunteer work might not provide a salary. Nevertheless, treat your interview as if it was for a paid job. Dress smartly, and bring copies of your CV. Appear friendly, offering firm handshakes, and remember to smile entering the interview room. Your employers will prefer a more relaxed candidate to a ‘rabbit in the headlights’!


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