How to fund vocational training in the UK

What is vocational training?

Vocational training is usually a course of study which is developed and taught through practice rather than through a more traditional academic setting. Because of this learning setting, vocational training is more suited to practical skills and professions such as the mechanics' trade or the electricians' trade. Some traditionally academic subjects such as the law and accounting are also moving into the vocational arena for their respective graduates.

Where is vocational training offered?

Vocational training in the UK is offered at a very wide range of establishments. You can find courses at colleges and universities in as many subjects as you will for academic courses.

How can I fund vocational training?

Some vocational training in the UK is offered for free or for a very low cost. For this reason, many people aim to take part time work along side their studies. Grants are usually available for those who are working full time but who wish to have the financial stability in order to pursue their professional development goals. There are many charities who will assist too.

Over recent times the difficulties of funding education have been thrust into the media spotlight and as such, charities and organisations have sprung up to help. There are as many independent charities as there are unfortunate financial circumstances so finding something to suit your exact needs does not have to be difficult. There are also government loans designed for vocational training in the UK. Funding can come either as a grant to cover living costs or as a waiver for tuition fees. To find out more, visit Direct.gov.uk.

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