Have you considered looking at vocational training schools?

We know that being out of work is tough, particularly if you have been used to the daily grind of working full time for many years. While it's true that the current financial problems have been potentially disastrous for the long term future of the United Kingdom, they have opened up a couple of potentially beneficial opportunities for those who are willing to take them.

The vast majority of skilled positions out there require workers to learn and renew their knowledge on a regular basis. If you don't do that, you're very likely to fall behind your peers, and ultimately find yourself unemployable. Since work is so difficult to come across these days, we would like to suggest that you get out there and learn some new skills to increase your chances of finding work once things start to improve a couple of years down the line.

As you probably already know, there are no better places to learn and hone new skills than at one of the many vocational training schools found across the United Kingdom. Unlike traditional schools, colleges or universities, these vocational training schools are there specifically to teach you all the workplace relevant skills you need in order to succeed.

With so many of them around it can be impossible to figure out which one is right for you, but in order to help speed up the process it is always a good idea to have a shortlist of the kind of courses that you would be interested in taking. We have listed some of the most highly rated vocational training schools in the UK below;

  • south-thames.ac.uk
  • vcoll.ac.uk
  • ccb.ac.uk
  • tte.co.uk


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