5 reasons to attend a vocational training school


There is a great debate among education experts these days. Should students and the youth be trained in a trade or skill or should they obtain a broader education first. Most seem to agree that a combination of the two is the best form of education to get.

Yet the fact is that the traditional university just does not suit a lot of people. Some people are just better off attending a vocational training school and learning useful skills for a career.

Check out five popular reasons for going to a vocational training school here.

1) You will save money on school. College has become increasingly expensive and hence has become a burden too big for many families in the UK. Tuition at a vocational training school is typically much cheaper than at a traditional college. Moreover, trade schools last two years or less usually.

2) You will learn a skill you can use for life. Lots of vocations can be studied at a trade school, such as heating and air conditioning, electrical engineering or car repair. You will be able to use this skill for employment all your life.

3) You can get a steady job. The trades you can study are in job fields that are always in demand; having such an expertise will always keep you in the market for work.

4) Many schools are now credited and hold value among employers. This is true, but some are still actually not accredited. Make sure the school you apply to is.

5) It can help you advance at a position you already have. Perhaps you just need extra certification in something to get a promotion for your job. Going to a vocational training school and getting that certification can help you advance your career.

Check out these three popular UK trade schools:

  • South Thames College (south-thames.ac.uk)
  • The Vocational College (vcoll.ac.uk)
  • Worcester College of Technology (wortech.ac.uk)


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