Want a temporary visa for Australia?

Australia temporary visas are a good way of experiencing life in Australia without making any permanent moves. Here are the types of temporary visa for Australia available...

Exchange visas: Temporary stay of skilled people wanting to come to Australia to broaden their work experience and skills under reciprocal arrangements. A letter of invitation is required from the organisation offering the position.

Foreign Government Agency visas: Temporary stay of foreign government officials to conduct official business on behalf of their government. A sponsorship may be required unless entering under the provisions of a bilateral agreement.

Special Program visas: Temporary stay of people under approved programs to broaden their work experience and skills. A letter of support is required from the organisation.

Working Holiday visas: Temporary stay of young people who want to supplement their funds by working. You are allowed to stay in Australia for 12 months from the date you first enter Australia. You can work for six months at a time with any one employer.

Educational visas: Temporary stay of staff to fill academic, teaching and research positions unable to be filled from within the Australian labour market. A letter of appointment is required for stays of up to 3 months. Sponsorship is required for stays of more than 3 months.

Visiting Academic visas: Temporary stay of people whose presence in Australia will contribute to the sharing of research knowledge. A letter of invitation is required.

Entertainment visas: Temporary stay of people involved in a social and cultural events and activities. Sponsorship is required unless you are coming in under a bilateral agreement.

Sport visas: Temporary stay of amateur or professional sports people to engage in competition with Australian residents. Sponsorship and/or a letter of invitation may be required.

Medical Practitioner visas: Temporary stay of medical practitioners where there is a demonstrated need to employ practitioners from overseas. Sponsorship is required.

Media and Film Staff visas: Temporary stay professional media staff members posted to Australia by overseas news organisations, and photographers and film and television crews making documentaries or commercials for exclusive overseas consumption. A letter of support or sponsorship is required.

Public Lecturer visas: Temporary stay of professional lecturers or subject experts invited to make public presentations. A letter of support or sponsorship is required.

Domestic Worker visas (Diplomatic/Consular): Temporary stay of domestic staff for diplomats and consular staff posted to Australia on advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Domestic Worker visas (Overseas Executive): Temporary stay for domestic staff of certain holders of visas in class 457 long-stay temporary business entry. Sponsorship is required if the employer is sponsored.

Religious Worker visas: Temporary stay of religious workers to serve the spiritual needs of people of their faith in Australia. Sponsorship and a written undertaking is required.

Occupational Trainee visas: Temporary stay of persons undergoing training in Australia compatible with their employment history. A nomination must be provided.


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