Virtual office assistant jobs

Virtual office assistant jobs consist of normal office assistant duties, but you'll have the opportunity to utilize the best in modern technology to perform your role remotely (away from the office). Some virtual office assistant positions can be remotely on a part-time basis (i.e. some days in house, some days remote), remote in the same area or even overseas positions.

Virtual office assistant job role

Virtual office assistant jobs are considered administration positions. If you have skills as an administrator, you'll most likely be able to apply for a virtual office assistant position provided you have the right qualities the employer is looking for.

However, if you're especially interesting in applying for virtual office assistant jobs you'll benefit from having experience in additional categories, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Website development or maintenance
  • Creative and technical fields
  • Database maintenance

Normally, because the role is remote and you won't work under direct supervision, you'll need a few years of solid experience in an administrative position or similar role before you can apply for a virtual office assistant job.

Job description

The role of virtual office assistants varies depending on the requirements of the company. Usually, your role will include all general administration tasks and whatever else the company requires, delivered remotely.

Virtual office assistant jobs are made possible by the availability of remote technology around the world today, such the Internet, mobile web, video calling and remote access to other computers.

Normally, you're job role will include working on networked system through the internet and other servers in the same way you would a normal office job but remotely; you'll be expected to liaise with different members of staff via email, video calling in some cases, telephone and regularly updates to managers.

Salary, benefits and application

Virtual office assistant jobs vary significantly depending on the actual position you apply for. Most will have a similar wage to some administrative positions, with a higher salary depending on your experience. Some benefits would include the ability to work in your home, providing the company has your working remotely from there and not one of their other areas.

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