Virgin Trains Jobs

Virgin Trains describes itself as one of the most experience train companies in Britain, providing routes and access via train across the country. They're one of the most popular providers of long distance train travel, with quick links between London, Glasgow and the South of Britain. Virgin Trains jobs are widely available through their special career site, virgintrainscareers.co.uk.


Virgin Trains offers jobs in a variety of sectors and locations across the UK, which it divides into 'teams'. The type of job you're looking for will determine which team you'll be in, and where that team is located.

The Talent Team

Based in Crewe, the Talent Team is part of HR and is responsible for hiring the best the UK has to offer. This team is perfect for anyone looking to work as a recruitment consultant or specialist within Virgin Trains, or anyone looking to develop a team already. Advertising positions are also available.

Human Resources

HR is based in Birmingham, which includes Payroll, HR Admin, Occupational Health, Employee Relations and Organisational Development.


Also based in Birmingham, the Finance department is responsible for accounting, keeping track of the books and ensuring all of Virgin Trains debts are paid on time, and general tracking of the ledger.

Commercial Team

This is the largest team in the company, which includes Revenue Management, New Product Development and Sales and Marketing. This particular area is an excellent starting point for recent graduates looking to enter a particular sector, or looking for a graduate position with a renowned, growing company. Virgin Trains jobs through the commercial team are listed on the website and also include detals of graduate positions.


The Operations team provides Crew Rotas, management of train drivers, carries out repairs, and includes many of the Virgin Trains jobs that are customer facing. Their main base is in Preston, London and Birmingham, but you can also find relevant positions across the UK. To find out more about operations or custome facing roles, visit virgintrainscareers.co.uk.

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